Best Download Multiple Tools for Facebook

The Multiple Tools for Facebook extension is a useful extension that lets you use chrome to manage social media accounts. This extension is available for free in the chrome webstore. You can then set it up to personalize your Facebook


Crowns up for Gentlewoman

This is more than a book review, only because Gentlewoman is more than a book. If I could recommend it a million times I would, but maybe this will do 10% justice.

Timeless. Classic. Contemporary, edgy. Perfect.

If anyone who …


For Android Mobile Devices: Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

GTA is widely considered as one of the most revolutionary games in the audio-visual entertainment industry’s history. The game is a third-person shooting adventure set in an open world environment with unlimited freedom of movement. Following the phenomenal success of …


Using Oscillating Hammer Keys

Perhaps the most versatile multi-tool that every handyman, homeowner, or do-it-yourself enthusiast should possess is the oscillating power tool. Due to its exceptional flexibility, it is the ideal instrument for securely accessing tough regions and making precise cuts in …


Crutching Chest Pain

My winter of skiing mid-week with my Seniors ski pass came to a halt when I made a careless move at the top of the highest run. I went down hard on my hip on the frozen surface at the …


Is Bot Use Beneficial in MMORPGs?

Bots are computer programs that are programmed to play games and even act as players’ helpers. These bots originate from a number of different places on the Internet, from free services like Botox to game sites like Hi. Particular bots …


6 Things You Should Hate About Blogging

So how many “Top 10 Things” or “7 Best Tips” type blogs do you find that pull on negativity from the blogosphere, flip the script to a half glass full scenario, then decide to fill it on up for an …


6 tips to start rebranding yourself

Some of you people with more refined sensibilities than I are outraged — OUTRAGED — that anyone could consider the unique universe of you something as vulgar as a “brand.” Simmah down, Hippie, and realize that we’re all, in a …


Sometimes Fine Is Just Fine

There are certain phrases in the English language that say so much without saying anything at all.

“It is what it is.”

“I’m fine.”

“Dance like a clown, laugh like an idiot.”

Okay, maybe the last one says too much. …

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