10 Potential Reasons For Your Purpose In Life

Well people sometimes tend to forget what they want in life and a common question that you most probably encounter is “What is my purpose in life?” or something related.

Here are some potential reasons that might get realized what you really live for. Before the reason, let me explain that everyone “wants” something in life. Without the “wants”, the living person is no different from a dead person.

1. Simple guy- You want a simple life. A life with plans only to get married- to have children, a decent job and a comfy home. Other things are not important.

What your goals are: basic communication skills to communicate with women and basic education for a decent career. If you don’t mind any career, at least know decent English.

2. The delusion-ed soul- You refuse to accepts the facts of reality and you are basically living in your own world. Your basic needs are a home, money and lots of money and probably a computer if you are interested in the virtual world.

What your goals are: get money to support yourself or at least someone who would support you forever.

3. The confused bird- You really don’t understand what your purpose in life is and you can’t be bother to learn what you really want in life. What you care for are the basic satisfactions in life, such as having loads of fun.

What your goals are: same as no 2.

4. The sex god- Life is just for sex, without sex is no life. When someone asks you why you love sex so much, you would say “I’m created by sex”.

What your goals are: Lots of urge & desire, a healthy and strong body and good grooming to attract the opposite sex.

5. Family guy- Family bonding is something significance in your life. You talk to family often and care for them. You make important decisions as a family and they influence you a lot. Depending on your family expectations, what you really want is a happy family.

What your goals are: Family bonding skills, making plans for your family member, happiness.

6. Money minded- Your life is about making money. You are into some lucrative industries such as oil or business. You’re an entrepreneur and you make plans for investments or constantly think of ways to improve your income.

What your goals are: Money-making techniques

7. Sporty/fitness junkie – Your love sports. Reasons are ego, girls, health, reputation or/and passion.

What your goals are: A very healthy lifestyle, read health magazines regularly to gain tips to improve your performance.

8. The Rock star- Fame

What your goals are: Ability to stand out and capture admiration.

9. The Scientist- You love to invent and research on Science.

What your goals are: Researching is your life

10. Hell-breaker- Doing exotic things such as sky diving and climbing Mount Everest in a must of you in life. Without excitement, life is boring.

What your goals are: Saying your prayers daily

Well.. So have you realized what your goals are? 😀

Of course the labels are just for fun and you can definitely have a mix of every goal. Just understand that life is a journey of your “wants”.

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