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Barbie Horse Adventures

There is the National Grand Horse Charity Even and you are invited. Join Barbie on the saddle and travel through eight unique locations of the race in order to reach to the finish line. Meet friends on the way and participate to different contests at the farm, in the national park and in the mountains. You can help Barbie and her horse to run, to jump and to make way through every area, combining the ability and speed to avoid obstacles and even to gather flowers, coins and balloons on the way. Use your talents to win golden coins for the Charity event and braids for your toffee box. You and Barbie are competing for the victory in horse races. Choose outfits for Barbie. Add personality to your horse by choosing its color and ridge. Travel through luxurious lands, gallop through rocky areas, walk on country paths and many other. Discover special power ups in order to help Barbie and her horse to enhance the abilities, to run faster and jump higher. Win special contest braids as soon as you win a contest. Deposit your blue, red or white braids on the toffee box. Advance by going through every contest and open 4 mini games in order to get more fun and surprises. Collect a photo album of the horses with funny images of these. Fun for 2 players – challenge a friend to a mini game.

Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Based on the new movie launched on the DVD, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is exposing the story of Barbie in the role of the beautiful Genevieve, one of the 12 sisters who lived happy with their father, the king. The king, worried because of their independent spirits, decides that the girls need a special organizing in order to become real princesses, and for that he invites his cousin, the duchess Rowena, to move in their castle. Rather than helping them, Rowena forbids them to sing and dance, and so she destroys their individuality. The princesses are discovering an enchanting magic world and so they get rid of Rowena’s tyranny. At some time, Genevieve finds out that their father’s life is in danger, and the sisters are reuniting to save the king and his kingdom.


– in order to help the king, Genevieve must explore the charming world in order to find her 11 sisters. Together, they are reuniting to find a magic potion which will save their father and which to destroy Rowena – beautiful 3D graphics and movies – help Genevieve run, jump and find the path through six magic locations like: The water terraces, the hanging gardens, the royal court – amazing dancing video captures which offer special dancing moves for every princess – 16 creative activities filled with action

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Barbie has played all the imaginable roles until now, but VU Games through Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus is bringing together for the first time, the legendary flying horse Pegasus and the beautiful princess Barbie. This PC game is challenging the Barbie fans with some action oriented levels and with beautiful puzzles. Barbie is playing the role of Princess Annika. The princess’s kingdom was living in peace until the bad wizard Wenlock arrived and transformed everyone into statues. Only Annika, her friendly bear Shiver and the flying horse Brietta, have escaped the spell.

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