Best Photography Apps For The Iphone

The iPhone has a surprisingly large number of photography apps but most people tend to stick with either the basic editor that comes with the iPhone (which is fine, but limited) or the super popular Instagram app, which has been somewhat done to death now. It’s well worth checking out some of the other cool apps out there, as there are plenty on offer for serious photo editors and amateurs alike. Here are just five to get you started…

Number 5 – Photoshop Express

For users of PC or Mac Photoshop programs, this is an easy choice if you want familiarity and ease of use. You know exactly what you are getting with Adobe and they always deliver. One small drawback is that the filters you get are not the best quality, which is a little surprising, but everything else you’d expect to find is there and works well. A really safe option.

Number 4 – Retromatic

This fun app allows you to quickly and easily turn ordinary photographs into retro, 50s style poster images. Use the simple cut-out tools to take portions of your images and turn them into cool, old-school images. Takes a while to learn how to use it really well, but the results can be impressive.

Number 3 – FX Camera

As you would expect from the name, this app is all about creativity with effects and there are plenty to choose from. You can take photos through the app and then edit them, or work with existing photos and give them the FX Camera treatment. One cool feature allows you to record audio with each photo you take. This is a great tool if you are using your photos for work and need to save information for each snap quickly while on the go. If you regularly take photographs where this would be useful, you could easily sell your iPhone online and pick up a camera and dictaphone instead – but this tool offers both functions in one.

Number 2 – Handy Photo

This app is popular with experts as it has a very helpful interface. You control everything by touching the outsides of the screen, leaving most of the centre of the canvas clear for you to make adjustments. There are tons of great effects and corrections in the software and if you have a lot of experience with photo editing you’ll find this is perhaps the most versatile app. Possibly a bit complicated for beginners but if you already know your stuff, this is perfect for you.

Number 1 – Facetune

There is nothing worse than taking what you think is a great photo, only to find that the light has highlighted a big red spot on your nose, or the shadows have made your teeth look black. This app is as close to magazine style photo-correction as you can get. You can professionally remove blemishes, wrinkles and ugly shadows, creating print-quality images at the end. This app is perfect for people who want their images to look sleek and professional. A wonderful piece of tech.

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