Crowns up for Gentlewoman

This is more than a book review, only because Gentlewoman is more than a book. If I could recommend it a million times I would, but maybe this will do 10% justice.

Timeless. Classic. Contemporary, edgy. Perfect.

If anyone who has read Gentlewoman has only read it once I’m going to assume it’s because they shared it with a friend or cousin who hasn’t given it back yet, probably because she’s either passed this book full of knowledge and insight on to another or she’s taking her second or third dip in the book as well. Because let me tell you- this book is phenomenal.

I know it sounds a bit foolish to certain people, a book on etiquette for a lady coming from a man. Huh? But that’s exactly what seems to make it so great. First of all, it’s not just a book written from an regular joe on the street. Not any guy, but instead a gentleman. (If you don’t know what a gentleman is then Bereola has you covered on that one, too. Just pick up Bereolaesque and thank me later. It makes a great gift for the guys in your life, some need it more than others).

This book barely let me go to sleep because I wanted to read more. And when I did fall asleep, I was never alone. It awakened certain parts of me that felt so great, sparked thoughts in my head that just captivated me. Truly, I appreciate this book.

I wish it were a required book for young and old women, finally being introduced to true womanhood. Can we make that happen someday? Maybe we can make it a requirement for freshman ladies because I would much rather young ladies and men learn how to respect, love and engage with one another then read about something that is hardly realistic to their lives- as some required books have been in my own experiences, as far as school goes. Plus, I had my highlighter, pencil and pens handy the majority of the time because there were certain things I just had to keep with me.

It’s the kind of book where the words really do come off the page as you read them, where you have to read certain phrases a few times just to make sure you read it right. But it’s more than a must-read, a must-keep. I’ve been tempted to give this book away so many times but only under one condition, I have to have it back.

My second time reading the book was even better than the first. I was in a completely different place when I read it and it only touched me even more. If you’re ready to think of yourself as worthy, capable, loved and a list of other things I advise you to pick it up. Even if you think of yourself highly now, I can’t describe the many elements in a woman’s life this book touches; it’s nice.

We can all be Gentlewomen together, that would make such a beautiful world.

Let’s put on our crowns, ladies.

Thank you, Enitan O. Bereola II.

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