Custom Built Gaming PC

Every computer gamer out there owns or has something similar to a custom built gaming pc. The difference between a normal personal computer that most of us posses at home, and a computer that a modern gamer uses are enormous in key areas needed for playing newer games. The custom built gaming pc outperforms normal computers in areas like CPU speed, Video Graphic card capabilities, bigger sized internal memory also known as RAM and storage devices of enormous sizes. There are also gamers that goes beyond technical details and tries to customize the external looks of their computers making it look cooler with the help of lights, sci-fi themed controllers, water tubes for cooling the hardware, multiple number of monitors and so on.

The markets that provides games for clients usually, tries to sell custom built gaming pcs also along with the game. Some games being more successful then other in pulling such a scheme. One of those popular games is World of Warcraft, with a staggering playerbase that counts over ten millions and keeps on rising, adopted this technique and succeeded in pursuing their clients in buying these expensive and high tech custom built gaming pcs. Depending on its specifications, features and capabilities a custom built gaming rig can be very expensive and there is always the risk that in a few months, your computer may become outdated for games that will be released over the next period. Computer technology is progressing every year, thus games having the ability to use more resources increasing the need for games to upgrade their computers. Following Morris’s Law in computer architecture, he predicted that the integrated circuits that are used for making computers will become smaller, the number of transistors per area being doubled every 10 years thus making them cheaper and more available for everyone. At the current rate we could expect everyone to be able to have a custom built gaming pc at his home in the next few years, prices for custom parts going lower by day.

Elite or professional gamers goes beyond the normal everyday gamer Joe, and have their own custom built controlers and input/output devices, such as custom keyboards with screens that displays certain statistics from a game and with buttons enabling macro making or dual monitors making the experience from playing a game resembling closer and closer to real life experience. Usually only professional gamers are spoiled with such gadgets, being sponsored and trained by companies in exchange for advertising revenue. All of the technology for making a custom built gaming pc is available for every client around the world as long as you are willing to pay the price for it. If you don’t got the budget to spend for such a rig then consider your self lucky because with the help of Morris’s Law and the current research for cheaper materials and cheaper work force, custom built gaming personal computers will be available for a fraction of their current price in the near future.

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