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Death Proof – Grindhouse is a part of the exploitation genre attributable film made in 2007. Directed by Quentin Tarantino was a part of the Grindhouse double features, the counterpart Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror.

“Stuntman Mike “drives his” sure-fire “car in Texas through the area and kills her of its victims. In the first part of the movie he has here in Austin girl group consisting of a Jungle Julia, Shanna and Arlene (also called the Butterfly), from the visor.

After an introduction to the lives of these three girls go to a Mexican bar, run by Warren, and are waiting for their friends. The whole time while they are observed by sitting at the bar and overheard Stuntman Mike. Stuntman Mike also learns about the also seated at the bar, Pam, she was transferred and asks for a ride. Stuntman Mike offers her to take her on the way home.

Both parties treat each other in greater detail as Stuntman Mike one of her radio show Jungle Julia Butterfly on offer advertised in accepting and provides them with a lap dance calls. After this scene leaves the drunk and stoned woman company, now with Julias Deal Erin at the wheel, the bar will continue to house and drive to the father of Shanna. Stuntman Mike’s car as Pam peculiar skepticism, this assures her that the car was “dead sure” (in English -proof death) was. In fact, Pam can only take place on a seat belt Behelfsbeifahrersitz without the addition of a pane of acrylic glass is shielded from the driver because it is the car for a stunt car is at. It is delivered Stuntman Mike’s deadly maneuvers and eventually falls victim to this.

Stuntman Mike then followed the women’s group. After he had obtained their car, he turns around behind a hill, turn the lights out of his car and drives to meet them on the wrong track. Only shortly before the collision, he switched the lights back on and be reinforced car shredded the car, including passengers.

After the alleged accident is Stuntman Mike in the hospital with a broken nose and collarbone. The four women, however, have not survived the crash. The investigating Ranger Earl McGraw under his intent, but he recognizes that he can not prove this.

Then comes the second part of the film. 14 months after the events of the first part of Mike now lives in Tennessee and drives a 1969er Dodge Charger. He makes the women’s group to Abernathy, Lee, Kim and Zoe later in Lebanon. These are in the movie business, Kim and Zoe are stunt women.

Both parties meet at the beginning of the second part at a gas station. Stuntman Mike, the group later overheard in a coffee shop and discovers that Zoë in the city a for sale Dodge Challenger, built in test drive would 1970th The women go to the provider of the car and start a test drive, and Lee remains as a deposit. During the test drive, they are viewed by Stuntman Mike, while Zoë “ship mast” is playing, that is, it is at full speed on the hood and in compliance in only two of the doors belts fastened securely. Stuntman Mike starts his car to ram the girls and the road to run them off. When he gets out, however, to laugh his putative triumph to celebrate with sardonic, he is shot by Kim and flees. Then the women decide to take revenge and to take follow-on, the tide has turned. There follows a chase, the hunter becomes the hunted and in which he makes the women found to be the last. This beat him unconscious first. After fading in the finalframes of the guy and the first round of the audience once again returned to the scene and see how the Abernathy lying on the ground Stuntman Mike finally with a kick in the face killing.


1. The Last Race Jack Nitzsche 2:37

2. Baby It’s You Smith 3:21

3. Paranoia Prima Ennio Morricone 3:19

4. Planning & Scheming Eli Roth & Michael Bacall 1:00

5. Jeepster T. Rex 4:09

6. Stuntman Mike Rose McGowan & Kurt Russell 0:19

7. Staggolee Pacific Gas & Electric 3:50

8. The Love You Save [May Be Your Own] Joe Tex 2:55

9. Good Love, Bad Love Eddie Floyd 2:09

10. Down In Mexico The Coasters 3:22

11. Hold Tight! Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich 2:45

12. Sally And Jack [From The Motion Picture Blow Out] Pino Donaggio 1:24

13. It’s So Easy Willy DeVille 2:10

14. Whatever-However Tracie Thoms & Zoe Bell 0:36

15. Riot In Thunder Alley Eddie Beram 2:04

16. Chick Habit April March

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