How To Choose Or Create A Good Domain Name

Creating a website is easy, but finding the right domain name for it is very critical. Why? Because the domain name will serve as the number one element that will help your website to be known to many. When establishing a business website, it is important that the domain name is the same as the business name. It is really an advantage because your customers in real life can also be your virtual customers. Adding up, other potential customers can easily find your business website if you do this.
In choosing the appropriate domain name, you need to consider many things and this article will help you.
Universal Name VS Brand Name
In creating a domain name you may think what is better, a universal name or a brand name? For example, you are selling bags. Yes many people are buying bags, but it is a fact that people tend to think brand names. If they will search in the web, they will enter the brand like Adidas bags, Nike bags, Quiksilver bags and others. So it proves that the brand names are good when choosing a domain name.
Short or Long kind of Domain name
You can create a domain name for as long as 67 characters. But you don’t really need to use so many characters in creating a domain name. Many said that short domain names are better because they can be easily remembered, while others prefer quite long domain names like keywords for their domain names. Actually, these two are good but, in different ways:
Short domain names like “” are good simply because they are easy to remember. People don’t need to give a lot of effort remembering the website.
Using keywords for a domain name is also good like “”. Although the domain name is quite long, it is still good, but not the best. When a girl wants to buy cheap shirts for herself, she may type in the search bar “cheap shirts for girls”. This is an advantage for this kind of domain name because the website will more likely to appear in the search results.
TLD for your Domain Name
TLD or top level domains are really important to consider when creating a domain name. If you have a business named “tshirts”and you created a domain name which is “” it will be hard for your customers to find it in the web. Although your clients know the name of your business, they don’t know the exact domain name you used for your website. In a research 9 out of 10 people used “.com” immediately when finding a website. So if you have a competitor which has the domain name “” you will surely lose a lot of possible profits.
Another thing you can use is TLD Country Codes . These are TLDs that indicates that the website is from a specific local country. For example, there is a business named “tshirts” that is localized only in California. The owner may use “” in order for it to indicate that this business is from California. Therefore, the customers or other people will not be confused if they reach the correct website they are finding or not.

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