How to Get Blogging Ideas

If you don’t have a clear focus on your blog, you may struggle to find blogging ideas. Sites that are too broad, or too niched are often victims of having either too little, or too much to say. So with that in mind before you even launch your blog you should ask yourself if you can list at least 50 blog post ideas off the top of your head. Blogging ideas will come to you much more often if you enjoy your niche and can talk about it for hours, and if you give it a clear vision.

If you have a blog about blogging that’s great, but the topic itself is so general that it’s often hard to come up with ideas. However, if your blog is about blogging by using thesis theme for wordpress you’ve got a lot more specific topics you could cover. These could come in the form of tutorials, how to guides, recent updates, and troubleshooting questions for visitors. You’ll also have a much more niched site that will allow you to rank quicker in Google.

Below are some blogging ideas to get your content started and to make your blog more useful to its visitors.

Answer People’s Questions
The best way to write content is to pretend you’re on the other side of the computer. If you were a reader reading about your niche site, what kind of questions would you have? Could you create a walk through on your topic that gives readers a great overview of the concepts? What new happenings are going on in your niche?

The trick about answering people’s questions and creating content, is that you genuinely have to care. That’s why it’s incredibly important to find a niche topic that you normally get so excited about that in could talk about for hours.

Create a Blog Mission Statement
Each blog is a lot like starting a business and each successful business has a mission statement that drives each action they take. Does your blog have a mission statement? If not, you might want to consider writing one out so that it gives you a driving force behind each blog post. What do I mean? If you blog about Christmas presents you mission statement might be:

“To provide the best information about Christmas presents for visitors of my blog.”

The mission statement in the example is quite simple, but as you write each post you remind yourself of this mission which puts your blog posts in two cateogires. They either fit your mission, or they don’t.

Is Your Blog Really Helping People?
I recently asked is your blog really helping people? With each of your blog posts remember that there’s an actual human being reading your work. If your post isn’t helping them, then you’re probably just wasting their time.

Although it might seem like it’ll give you a ton of blogging ideas, answering other people’s questions, giving yourself a mission statement, and genuinely caring about your readers will yield far more content than trying to think of quick lists and filling content that doesn’t really help people in the end.

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