Philips BDP3000 – It Does Excel With HD Movies, But Is That Enough To Survive The Tough Competition

Sum n substance:

Thumbs up: Brilliant onscreen menus, good remote, high detail.

Thumbs down: at times there is some judder, no playback from the USB port. Inside the trunk: Price at launch £169.00 720p/1080i Output: Yes No of HDMI Outputs: 1 No of Analogue Audio Outputs: 1 No of Digital Coaxial Outputs: 1 1080p Output :Yes Weight (kg) :3 No of Composite Outputs: 1 MPN: BDP300005 Wired: Yes MP3 Compatible :Yes Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 105 Dimensions: 435 x 58 x 237 Remote Control :Yes

THE WHIZ-KID SPEAKS: Most of the first generation Blu-Ray discs provide little more than the pin sharp HD, and here we have the Philips BDP3000 which is loaded with features which including even downloading of discs from BD live. Apart from the low price, sleek and gloss structure and the disc tray which is hidden below the hood this one has loads to offer in terms of high definition pictures.

I agree that this one is a budget player, but that in anyway does not explain the cumbersome catering of the BD live service. It can easily stream content from live portals but again it does not have any onboard storage space to store the commentaries or the trailers. Given that fact that there is no onboard storage the importance of the USB 2.0 comes more into the picture. It can be easily fitted with a 2 GB memory stick and all the downloaded content can be easily stored into the stick.

Surprisingly enough this one doesn’t have any facility using which the user can include widgets to access the brand’s VeiraCast service.

Talking about the ports on the rear end, this one has an Ethernet port, component video out, composite video, digital coaxial audio and a set of left/right phonos for analogue stereo and HDMI output.

It also has some hi-end features like the anti-judder 1080/24p technology, compatibility with Dolby TrueHD 7.1 surround sound and some DVD upscaling.

I must say that Philips has worked really hard to make the user interface attractive and user friendly at the same time. There are hardly any complexities and the operation is pretty much simple. Also connecting to the BD live is just as simple as plug and play, no hassles of wireless connectivity or anything of that sort.

Adding to its list of woes is the fact that the USB memory stick cannot be directly connected and also the player cant read any digital files via USB. It can easily play file formats like MP3 music, JPEG photos and DivX, AVC-HD and WMV video files. However it does not support MOV, MPEG4, WMV HD, MKV or DivX HD files.

One of its strongest points is the remote control. Its highly uncluttered and using it is a childs play which makes it one of the best remote controls in the market.

This one has done a real good job with the DVD upscalers and can easily replace any dedicated player around. It surely doesn’t reach the Blu ray Video quality but then that doesn’t stop it from providing as sterling performance. The close ups look distinct and the colour definitions are excellent with minute detailing.

Some of the Blu Ray discs take three times more the loading time compared to the standard counterparts but then there are many other rival decks which take twice as much the time.

Even in the most darkest of pictures the various shades of black can be distinguished with great accuracy. The hues are lush and accurate especially when there is a lot of colour contrast. In all this one offers some real good worth for the moolah that is being paid for it. Coming to thee audio… though this only supports Dolby’s TrueHD 7.1 surround sound format it does quite a decent job with it. It lacks analog outputs and that’s one of the main reasons that the sound quality falls back to just basic sound. Probably that could be one of the reasons for the player to fall into the budget category.

Nitty-Gritty: One of the major drawbacks of this one is that it does not include a media-savvy USB port in the front panel. I agree that this might not have all the high end features that the other players have to offer but with a budget like that I guess that’s all they could offer. However its excellent onscreen menus and sturdy picture quality surely make it worth a look atleast.

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