Release of Super Mojo – Visual Java Development Environment

NORCROSS, GA — Penumbra Software, Inc. announced today the release of Super Mojo, a new version of its popular Mojo Rapid Application Java Development Environment (JDE). Super Mojo is the first 100% Java tool to create Beans using JDK1.1. One of the few products written entirely in native Java, Super Mojo is a cross platform development environment that targets developers creating intranet and internet solutions.

Super Mojo has been designed to hide the complexities of component building from the developer. While competitive product offerings have stayed with traditional programming models, Penumbra Software has developed a tool to make pure object technology a reality with minimum effort.

“Super Mojo is designed to increase productivity, and dramatically reduce maintenance,” said Michael Mittel, President of Penumbra Software. “Traditional programming environments have not been able to address these issues effectively because they still rely on ‘old-school’ programming models. Object and component based solutions are the only way to the future, but developers have not had a true object oriented tool until Super Mojo.”

In the Java space, Super Mojo is the only product geared to enhance Java Bean making. Making a Java Bean in Mojo is as simple as dragging and dropping existing Java Beans, customizing them through properties, then adding functionality through scripting and coding. What makes this possible is the underlying design pattern of the model used by Mojo. All objects in Mojo are instantiated from derived classes, which allows component developers and application writers to extend existing Java Beans. In other products, such as Visual Caf� and J++, Java Beans are instantiates of base classes where additional functionality cannot be added to the Bean directly.

Super Mojo’s unique combination of Designer, Visual Scripter, and integrated Coder creates a powerful JDE for developing applications and Bean components. With the Mojo Designer and Visual Scripter a developer can rapidly create sophisticated Java applications and Bean components without Coding. Simply drag-and-drop components. Then, visually set properties and add functionality through events and actions. However, what sets Super Mojo apart from other JDEs is the addition of a Visual Scripter. With Visual Scripting the developer can drag-and-drop commands, logic, and calls to other scripts. In addition to being a Bean factory, Super Mojo can consume a Bean or component. The Visual Scripter can then be used to add functionality and enhance the capability of the Bean.

While the Designer and Visual Scripter provide an environment for rapid application development, the integrated Coder provides complete access to all underlying code. The Coder has been updated to include a customizable code editor with Java syntax highlighting.

“One recurring complaint we heard from our customers involved wasted time waiting for code to compile,” said Mittel. “So, we redesigned Super Mojo with an incremental compiler that runs in the background. Now, code is compiled on the fly as it’s being generated. There’s nothing faster. In fact, the incremental compiler effectively eliminates this issue altogether.”

A Java Bean component model and Visual Wizards quickly step the developer through application creation. Super Mojo supports JDBC and ODBC for three tier client/server models. Super Mojo includes 600 pages of documentation, online help, and step-by-step examples.

Super Mojo can be purchased off-the-shelf at Egghead Software as well as from other major retail channels. The product can be purchased on-line through the company’s website at

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