Review Of Nikon Coolpix S570 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix S570(black) Digital Camera – A decent and highly compact camera though just mediocre in point-and-shoot capabilities.

Sum n Substance:

Thumbs Up:

Lens Specification

Portrait System Performance

Attractive Design and Features

Thumbs Down:

Overall Average Performance

ISO 1,600 AND 3200 below standard

Inside The Trunk:

Resolution – 12 megapixels

Color Support – Color

Optical Sensor Type – CCD

Total Pixels – 12,390,000 pixels

Effective Sensor Resolution – 12,000,000 pixels

Light Sensitivity – ISO 80 , ISO 100 , ISO 200 , ISO 400 , ISO 800 , ISO 1600 , ISO 3200 , ISO auto (80-400) , ISO auto (80-800) , ISO auto (80-1600)

Digital Zoom – 4 x

Shooting Modes – Frame movie mode

Image Stabilizer – Electronic

Exposure Modes – Program , Automatic

Face Detection – Yes

White Balance – Presets , Automatic

White Balance Presets – Flash , Cloudy , Daylight , Fluorescent , Incandescent

Still Image Format – JPEG

TV Tuner – None

Price – $ 185.99 to $229.95

The Whiz Kid Speaks: The Nikon Coolpix S570 is a good bargain given the average price of just $199.99. The chic but simple looks of the camera are going to woo you. Wide-angled lens with 5 X zoom set this camera a class apart from the rest. The image quality is good below ISO 400. For higher ISOs the quality delivered is not as hyped. Though there is a specialty mode for shooting portraits the quality is just ordinary and good enough for still landscape photography. Though the camera might shoot at its highest resolution of 3200 pixels, its not guaranteed that you’ll be satisfied with the output.

A slender and light camera available in four trendy colors of pink, blue, red and black, this can easily fit into your pant pockets without any hassles. Owing to the sturdy body with a metallic finish, an onlooker might mistake the S570 for a phone belonging to a classier category than a $ 199.99 phone.

The controls are standard and you’ll learn to operate them in a jiffy. The buttons on the body of the camera and navigation from one component to the other is a straight affair without any twists. The VR- Image Stabilization is what you might be a bit baffled about. As the name misleads, this is not about optic or mechanical stabilization but about electronic stabilization depending on ISO configurations and shutter speed configurations.

The shooting modes of the S570 are tuned towards shooting for still photography. The Auto mode is the best mode you could choose for configuring the ISO, white balance, focus area, color effects and other features of your camera for shooting the best pictures it can. Select from 4 shot drive modes. The Best Shot Selector shoots 10 frames from which it picks up the sharpest for you. The Multi-Shot 16 makes a single collage of 16 shots and puts them in a grid. There are 15 ordinary scene modes from which you can choose the scene mode that you like best. However, out of all the ordinary features the Smart Portrait System is one feature that makes the S570 stand apart from the rest. Its unique Skin softening utility is too good.

The S570 is sluggish. Yu need to wait for about 2-2.2 seconds to shoot pictures and if using flash you might have to wait even up to 3.8 seconds. This shutter lag and shooting speeds suggest that you could use this camera best for shooting only still photographs. For videos or moving photography you’ve got to look elsewhere.

The photo quality on the whole, is too good. Its competitors might slump at ISO 200, but the S570 quality is good till ISO 400. Sometimes it may be good even up to ISO 800. There is no color precision but you’ll find the photographs in their natural hues with good brightness. Shadow detailing is possible with the D-Lighting System of Nikon. The distortions are minimal or totally non-existent. The images come with purple fringes and they look a bit softer. The images have a uniform softness from one end to the other end, unlike pictures taken by other comparable cameras that soften up only towards the edges.

Nitty Gritty: You’ll find a lot of cameras with average photo quality and poor performance costing you around $100-$200. Some of these cameras come with a lot of features that actually work as a substitute for the average quality. But I’d like to go for a camera that essentially shoots well. Other features are secondary. The Coolpix S570 will not disappoint you on that. Its one of the best ultra compact cameras that you can ask for at the given price.

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