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Hello, beauties! Happy Monday! Today I’m coming to you with a super fun post! It’s all about my very first beauty box swap with the lovely Daphne from

! Daphne is from Taiwan, but is currently studying abroad for the year in London!

When I first started blogging in June, Daphne was one of the first bloggers I met. We clicked immediately and spent a lot of time chatting away the hours about life, love, and our passions for makeup, blogging and Doctor Who! After a couple of months of talking, we decided to do a box swap! We agreed to surprise one another, but we wanted the products to be from each other’s home country/hard for the other to get in their home country.

We put all of our trust in one another, and it turned out fabulously! I could not have asked for a better first swap! Here’s all the lovely products I received from Daphne this fall!

– We don’t get Bourjois here in the US, and during our talks I had made mention how I’d love to get my hands on some one day. Little did I know that Bourjois was sold in Taiwan, so when I opened the package and this was inside  I was so excited! It smells great and is perfect for daily wear!

– If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know I am obsessed with pink products, so when I opened up this lippy I squealed for joy! It’s a gorgeous hot pink in a fantastic baby pink tube! It’ll stand out in my makeup bag, and make my lips stand out in a crowd! Picking this out showed me that Daphne really understood my product likes!

– Back in July, Daphne and I co-hosted a rainbow collaboration. One of the items on her post was this toner. It sounded amazing, and I had commented to her telling her that very thing! So imagine my surprise when I found this little baby tucked into the package. She’d wanted to send me a full bottle, but the shipping was going to be far more than the actual cost of the bottle, so she siphoned me out a bit from her very own stash! Needless to say, it feels just as amazing as she said it would!

– This cream was a real treat! It is super light, lush and smells divine! Daphne said this was almost HG for her! Not only that, but it’s a product that has been around for awhile. Her mother even used it when she was young! If they both say it’s amazing, then I’m going to believe them! I’ve loved trying it out!

– This little neutral palette is adorable! Not only does it come with three shimmer shades, but it also has a lovely highlighter, as well! And the case is just so chic and girly! It’s perfect for putting in my everyday makeup bag! I definitely love to wear shimmer whenever I can, so this palette really thrilled me!

– I’m an eyeliner junkie, especially when it comes to black liners. So I was really excited when I opened up the package and saw this little baby inside! Not only did I love the cute Alice in Wonderland themed packaging, but I really liked that it came with a mini pencil sharpener that works specifically for this pencil!

– I have only just started branching into the world of BB and CC creams, and I’ve always hear that Asian brands are the best. Daphne had reiterated those sentiments, and she had told me early on that she wanted to send me one to see how I liked it. Especially as I’d been complaining about how the BB creams I had tried at the time were always too dark for my pale skin! I haven’t opened this yet, but I can’t wait to give it a whirl!

– Daphne had mentioned to me that you couldn’t go out shopping and not come home with a ton of samples. She said they’d shove them in your hands just for walking in a store, no purchases necessary! So when I opened the box and there were a handful of samples inside, I knew she wasn’t kidding! I’m sample crazy, but I have yet to pop these babies open! I’m trying to save them for a special occasion!

– Last but not least, the snacks! I have an obsession with snack foods and drinks from around the world. I frequently hit up my local World Market for all sorts of eats and treats (chocolate bars usually being the winner). During our talks, I had asked Daphne about what snacks were good there, and she said she’d send me some! Needless to say, I was gobsmacked at all the goodies!

And that’s our first box swap! We’ve got another scheduled with her having already sent off another package, and me sending mine off after the first of the year. And we’ve got another that we’ve chatted about after that!  She really spoiled me this time around, and I felt horrible when I had to remove the bag of Reese’s Cups I got her because sending the bag would cost $20 alone!

I want to thank Daphne for being a great friend and for being a fantastic swap buddy! Make sure you head over to her blog and check out

about the swap, too! Hopefully our posts will inspire you to seek out swaps of your own! Stay tuned for full reviews of each product on the blog in the near future!

Have you ever done a box swap? How was it? What sort of products did you get? Leave your comments below!

Stay gorgeous, babes!

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