The best ways to improve the performance of your computer

Most of the user experience some sort of computer slowdowns  at some point. When we first buy a computer, it’s all running right and smoothly, there is no single clue of slowness, but after a while using our computer we start to experience some performance problems like: slowness, crashes, and system errors that can lead to bad experiences. Many users don’t realize that the more programs and files they run and store on a computer the more slow this computer will be, and this problem will be even worse when a user doesn’t know how to properly solve this problem.  A computer is like any other machine it needs proper maintenance to run smoothly and effectively. Windows based computer comes with useful pre-loaded tools that can help to get the most out of our computers

Here are ways to improve the performance of your computer.

1.  Windows Update

Updating a computer is an important task for computer optimization. Many user are not even aware about how updates work. Since the invention of computer updates have been an important part of operating systems. Microsoft is always working to improve the quality of its system by finding flows and errors that can affect performance.  After finding flows and errors, Microsoft release patches to solve the problem, by installing these patches on your computer you will protect your computer against Viruses, spywares, system corruption, lost data, slowness, system crashes and many more problems.

The question is: how to use Windows Update?, Well, well In this post I’ll show you how.

1. Let’s start by Pressing the start button on the window desktop.

2. Once we are at the Start screen, in the search box, type Windows update, windows will show the result, click on Windows update icon, as shown in the image.

3. Then you’ll be taken to the Windows Update interface where you can check for updates or install them if available. Here you can also set up Automatic updates, which makes it easier for you to keep your computer up to date with no worries.

NOTE: This process in done in Windows 8 OS, but the process is nearly the same in Windows XP/VISTA/7. All you have to do is going to Start button/All programs/Windows Update.

2. Disk Cleanup

This is an interesting an fantastic tool provided by Microsoft at no extra cost. The daily use of your computer generates enough junk files to fill an entire hard drive, letting no space for the important files. When you install programs, surf the internet, and delete files these will generate temporary files that stores in your hard drive, here’s where Disk Cleanup comes into play for this important task to cleanup  your hard drive, just like you cleanup your house. This tools is going to free up space in your hard drive looking for unnecessary and useless files to be removed. This task should be performed regularly for optimization. It’s a very easy process, I will show you the step-by-step process.

1. We’ll start by clicking the start button, located at the left- bottom of windows desktop as showed previously.

2. In the start screen, in the search box, type disk cleanup, from the result shown select the Disk cleanup tool, as shown in the image below.

3.The application will run and will ask you to select the Hard drive you want to clean up, the default and primary one is the C Drive as shown in the picture, click the OK button.

4. And here we are, from here you can select the different kind of files to be removed. hooray!! As you can see I have 1.91 GB of junk to clean up, that’s a lot of space!!.

5. When you finish to select the files to be removed, click the OK button and then Delete Files, and you’ll be all set.

I recommend you to use more than one free space tool. The windows based one is good, but not enough to totally optimize your computer. I recommend CCLEANER, to download it go to:

Note: This process is done in Windows 8, the process is nearly the same for windows XP/VISTA/7.  To get there go to Start/All programs/Accessories/System Tools.

3. Disk defragmentation.

Can you imagine how hard would be to find a specific document in a disorganized office. It would be hard, right?. Well, many users never get to use the defragmentation tools, just imagine how disorganized are their computer files. It is recommended to use the defragmentation tool once a month, so you can have a well organized computer files, therefore, you’ll smooth and fasten you computer’s performance.

Here’s how to perform a Disk Defragmentation process.

1. Go to My PC or My Computer, Right click the C drive, then select properties option.

2.  In the properties tab menu select tools, and then Optimize option.

3. finally, select the analyze option first and then the optimize option. This process may take a long time depending on how disorganized are your computer files, but it’s a really recommended process.

Note: The process is the same or nearly the same in  XP/VISTA/7/8  OS.

4. Startup Programs

Have you ever wondered why your computer is getting slower every time you star it up, it can take a long while before you get to the desktop screen. Most of the programs you install will set up themselves to automatically start up when you boot your system, there are not obviously visible to you, so the more programs running on background at startup the more slow your computer will be. Let’s get rid of this useless programs taking useful space on your memory.

1. Press Ctrl + R buttons on your keyboard, this will bring the Run application as shown in the picture, then type in the text box MSCONFIG and press enter or OK button.


2. This will bring up the  Windows Configuration utility. In the tab menu select Startup option. From here you can see the different programs that startup at system boot. In order to disable these useless programs deselect the check box next to them. Note that some of this programs are system programs, so be very careful when disabling this programs. You have to actually see the manufacturer of this programs, like the one in the picture, in the first it says Synaptics incorporation, the second is Intel Incorporation these are important start up programs.


5.  Remove Programs

For some reason we would like to get rid of a programs that we no longer use, and is wasting our hard drive’s space. Removing programs is part of the optimization process of a computer, so it important to remove this programs.

1. press the start button on the desktop screen.

2. In the search box, type Control Panel, and click the control panel in the search result.


3. This will bring up the control panel screen, Click the Programs applet to uninstall a program.

4. Here we are in the Uninstall programs interface, from here you can select the program you want to uninstall, and then select Uninstall option.


6. Organize your desktop screen

When the desktop screen is overwhelmed with icons everywhere, this will cause the computer to slowdown, requiring the videographics processor to work harder. If you want a faster computer you’ll need to organize and remove unnecessary icons from the desktop screen. Here’s the picture of my desktop screen icons:


Looking good hey!!

So these are the best ways to improve the performance of your computer. There are many more ways but these are essential ones. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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