Be an Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

You can imagine how happy I was the day I realized any average person can become an affiliate marketer. It doesn’t take college degrees or 20 years of hard knocks to make it. Chiefly, what it …


How to Evaluate Spanish Learning Software

Decided to get some Spanish learning software? Great idea! There are some outstanding products on the market right now. In fact, right now is the time that, in my opinion, software and online-based learning has become better than classroom-based learning.…


How To Choose Or Create A Good Domain Name

Creating a website is easy, but finding the right domain name for it is very critical. Why? Because the domain name will serve as the number one element that will help your website to be known to many. When establishing

The Best Antivirus Software for 2021

It’s important to take the safety and security of your computer seriously. If a virus gets onto your computer, it may delete files, damage your programs, or reformat your hard drive. This may make it impossible to use the internet, …


The 5 Marketing Actions You Must Not Skip

Let’s face it, marketing can get overwhelming pretty darn quickly. Websites, blogs, networking events and now social networking, all competing for your limited time and attention. It’s all too easy to get caught up in a lot of “stuff”… at …


The 10 Rules of App Icon Design

App Icon Sizes on Various Operating SystemsApp Icon Design Best Practices1. Communicate Your App’s Function2. Make Sure the App Icon is Scalable3. Always Keep It SimpleLimit the Use of ColorsUse as Few Elements as You Can4. Do Not Use Text5.

The 1 Thing You MUST Do To Get More Clients

So you talk about your biz with anyone who will listen, Tweet up a storm about your stuff and “get out there” all the time. But the results aren’t showing up for you (yet!). What gives?

If you were a …

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